Answers to some basic questions of start-ups relating to Social Media Marketing

By | December 15, 2017

Start-up dynamics are surrounded with money, time, and bandwidth constraints. But,
that cannot be an excuse for justifying not engaging resources in social media
marketing. Every start-up very well knows the importance of social media in boosting
business growth and everyone of them wants to leverage this lucrative platform to
achieve outcomes. They are always on a lookout to find some shortcut to expand their
social media reach, know facebook marketing secrets, and get popular in a very short
time. Well, this may be far from reality but definitely not impossible.
There are some very common questions that surround start-ups very often and here are
some of those and its answers.
1. Which social medial platform to choose for my business since there are so
The number of choices we have in social networking sites is quite overwhelming. Many
of us have this misconception that creating a presence is the most important thing for
any type of business and that the more number of sites we cover, better it is for our
growth. Please understand that creating a presence is not merely creating an account. It
is better not to have an account at all than maintaining an account which is dead and
inactive. Now, of course you cannot cover all platforms and maintain engagement in all,
so your choice of Social site will depend on two important factors: One is where is your
target market? Secondly, What are your goals? For instance, a B2B company can
choose Twitter and LinkedIn for their marketing, whereas Pinterest, Facebook, and
Instagram can work well for restaurants.
2. Does my business need content marketing?
Irrespective of your nature of business, content marketing is needed for all. You must be
aware about all content marketing trends if you want success in social media strategy.
Content is the core of social media strategy and only an attractive useful content can
leave an enticing impact in your market. It is all about content, and it is not an option.
3. Do I have to spend on Ads?
The answer to this question is very relative. It depends on what is in your mind that you
want to achieve from ads. Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, and almost all platforms provide
advertising option for companies. If you have the budget, you just have to decide on the
platform you want to select. Ads do work great for quick conversions if placed

4. On what basis should I define my posts frequency?
It is a very basic question but an important one. How many tweets a day should I post,
how frequently my Facebook updates have to be posted. What should be the frequency
of my blog? It is only you who can answer this question. You interact with your
customers and prospects on a daily basis, so depending on your communication flow,
decide the frequency accordingly. If your prospects are sitting in UK and you are posting
updates in US timings, then it really may not make sense. The thumb rule says- start
slow and small, but do it consistently.
Hope this post was able to answer some basic questions in your mind regarding social
media marketing.

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